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Inside the World of DATAVLT: Data Analytics, Blockchain, and Beyond

With DATAVLT’s innovative approach to data analytics, along with the trailblazing attitude of the team, they are shaping the future of analytics as we know it, while also pioneering the world’s new age of blockchain.


The first word that comes to the minds of most when they hear blockchain: bitcoin.

But, what most people don’t realise is that the realm of blockchain goes beyond that of cryptocurrency. In fact, blockchain will probably affect people’s lives in some way or another sooner than you might think.

DATAVLT does just this - bringing together the power of blockchain and the wealth of data that the world produces everyday in basically every aspect of life.

The millennial-centric team behind DATAVLT focuses on pushing the boundaries to help companies make smart and informed decisions using their innovative platform that leverages on the properties of blockchain for reliable data analysis - the better way for them to, in a way, learn from their past actions and behaviours (no matter how good or how bad).

“People use blockchain, people use analytics. But, we use both together.” says Akbar, the Data Science Lead at DATAVLT. 

So, how exactly do they make this work? Imagine combining accurately analyzed data, which gives businesses valuable insights on how they should move forward, and blockchain technology, which enables the encryption of such sensitive data in a decentralized system.

With DATAVLT’s innovative approach to data analytics, along with the trailblazing attitude of the team, they are shaping the future of analytics as we know it, while also pioneering the world’s new age of blockchain.

Think You Know Data? Think Again.

You might not realise how much data is being produced daily around the world. To put it into perspective, it’s estimated that around 2.5 exabytes of data are produced daily (yes, you read that correctly - exabytes!), coming from all sorts of industries including sports, politics, and even dentistry.

The well-rounded folks of DATAVLT understand this, and they are determined to help companies use their valuable data in a smart way instead of letting it stay untouched - which is sadly the case for nearly 80% of data produced around the world today.

So, how do they make this happen? Working within a team that encourages creativity, efficiency, and improving ROI measurements, DATAVLT is able to constantly push themselves to the next level. The team focuses impacting companies by opening unrealised opportunities with power of their platform.

“We analyze the data in the black box that is supported by AI and machine learning. Then, we store the data in the blockchain. This is the foundation step,” shares Gigi.

Elaborating more on the concept behind the company, Akbar says that the co-founders of the company were the ones who convinced him to join them with their insights: “They understand the concept of analytics. It’s not magic - it requires human intervention and needs to be treated fairly with human behavior and judgment.”

Letting the data speak for itself and enabling companies to accurately make judgements – that’s the mission that drove DATAVLT to become what it is today.

The Next Big Thing

“Look us up if you take pride...in being a game changer,” says Akbar.

DATAVLT doesn’t just take up projects in the tech space – they work with different industries to help their clients become “future ready.” It’s not just about analyzing data, but also about realizing the potential to make decisions based on findings from the past.

The naturally innovative team behind DATAVLT is looking to change that through their work - using their data analytics technology to make a global difference, beyond the present scope.

“I feel rewarded when partners are convinced to sign up with us,” shares Akbar, “It shows that they believe in us and what we’re trying to do with blockchain and analytics.”

Success never comes easy, but the hustle becomes a little easier when you have a conducive environment for learning. Elaborating on DATAVLT’s work culture, both Gigi and Akbar agree that fun is an understatement.

“It’s a very fun culture that allows us to grow without restraint. But of course, it’s fun with the target in mind. [Our team] always helps each other out, and we can talk to each other as friends too,” Akbar laughs.

For someone, who is looking for that “I want to make an impact through my work,” DATAVLT is a no brainer. But, combine this with their invigorating team spirit that encourages never-ending exploration and growth in the unchartered territories of data analytics? You know the obvious answer (yes!)


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