What we do

In 2012, armed with not much more than a coffee grinder, a set of envelopes and a passion for coffee, our Founder, Stephen, set up Pact in his kitchen. His dream was to introduce the UK to better coffee at home, improving millions of mornings and changing the coffee industry for the better.

Why we do

We’re proud to be Direct Trade. To find our incredible beans, our Head of Coffee, Will, travels the world to visit growers, tasting hundreds of different coffees in the process. We’ve made a promise to always pay at least 25% more than Fairtrade prices for our coffee. By trading directly with our farmers, we’re able to cut out the middleman and pay farmers a better price for their top quality beans. All of our coffees are roasted in-house at our London HQ in Bermondsey. Our Grand Master Roaster, Aissa, sees the potential in every bean and comes up with a roast profile to match - bringing out the coffee’s unique flavours. Freshness also has an impact on flavour, that’s why all our coffees are ground and packed within 7 days of roasting.

How we do

Our coffees are some of the best in the world and that’s how we treat them. Each bag of Pact coffee has been carefully roasted within 7 days of delivery. We even grind them (at the last possible moment, no less) to suit each customer’s brew method at home and post them with next-day delivery. Delivering a fresh product requires talented people with innovative ideas to help us constantly improve the Pact service. If you’re passionate about improving the lives of coffee lovers and coffee farmers alike, this is the place for you. ======================= Reasons to love working at Pact ======================= AFFECT CHANGE We’re constantly growing and evolving. Pact team members need a steady hand and a strong vision to help affect change in every new stage of our journey and come up with unique ways to brighten our customers’ lives - one mug at a time. THE PRODUCT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF We care about the quality of our coffee. A lot. From our coffee buffs who roast, source and taste everything to our top-tier tech team, being a part of Pact requires an independent streak and collaboration skills to make sure our product is the best it can be. A COFFEE LOVER’S PARADISE Love coffee? So do we. Drink as much as you want and prepare it however you please. The best coffees in the world are at your disposal at Pact HQ. WE’RE FLEXIBLE Striking a balance between work and life is important. Be prepared to manage your own time. We keep our hours flexible and our workspace unstructured - basically, you can work in a way that suits you. MAKE A DIFFERENCE Improve people’s mornings with great coffee, support speciality coffee farmers around the world and change perceptions about what it means to drink truly fresh, great-tasting coffee. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE CULTURE Our open-plan HQ in Bermondsey wasn’t voted one of London’s Funnest Offices by Time Out for no reason. Hot desk, find your inner-acrobat on the aerial silks or perch at our coffee bar.